My love of art goes all the way back to elementary. When my oldest sister and older brothers would play various little league sports and taekwondo, I would be on the side lines drawing and creating my own worlds. Of course I did get to play little league basketball, but I was mostly fascinated with expressing myself through line and color through compositions on paper along with other mediums. While growing up, my mom's constant take of film photos of my changing family through the years influenced me on the importance of photographing life as it happens.

By college, I took a digital media course that furthered my love of creating art, especially photography. That amazing digital media teacher happened to also teach beginning photography so I enrolled the next semester and continued to take all the photo courses until I graduated college. I have been educated in using black and white and color 35mm film, medium format (120 film), and large format (4inx5in film) as well as DSLR cameras, pinhole cameras (homemade light tight boxes), Lightroom, and Photoshop. While my minor was Art with an emphasis in Photography, my major, Art History, was a major contribution additionally in spurring my natural talent of creativity in Photography.

After graduating at Stephen F. Austin State University and marrying my husband, Josh, in 2009, we ventured into college ministry there in Nacogdoches for a year. The next year we also did college ministry, but it was in East Asia. While we prayed for a year to join Campus Crusade for Christ as full-time staff, I shot photographs of families, graduates, couples, and weddings.  God answered our prayer to Cru staff in September 2012 where I focused on our ministry and growing our family from 2 to 3.  We have been on staff a total of 7 years and now in 2017 my husband and I are transitioning off Cru staff this October to a new journey where I am coming back stronger than ever to do what I have continued to love, photography!

I would love to share in your picturesque life story!